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Switzerland reflects on F-35 purchase, moves to amend offset policy

Switzerland will streamline its offset policy by the end of the year, says Simon Hufschmid, head of international law and compliance at the Swiss Federal Armament Office. Speaking to GICA attendees on 17 May, Hufschmid outlined the lessons learned from Switzerland’s F-35 procurement and how the government plans to adapt.

India invites obligors to work with DRDO

Amid a crackdown on penalties and mounting pressure to indigenise production, how do foreign suppliers discharge offset obligations in India? In his presentation at the GICA spring conference, Ankur Gupta, strategy director for international and industrial partnerships for Airbus Defence and Space, proposed an unusual solution.

India and offset penalties: “There are no winners”

OEMs can expect to see an “exponential increase” in penalties in the next five years, says Rajiv Chib, founder of Insighteon Consulting. In his presentation at the GICA spring conference, Chib described the predictions, observations, and recommendations drawn from a recent wargame on India’s offset policy.

Former DoD advisor: US export regulations stifle industrial cooperation

The United States’ export regulations are repressing defence industry cooperation, argues a former member of the Senate Armed Services Committee. Bill Greenwalt, former Deputy Defence Undersecretary for Industrial Policy, suggests that American regulations are stifling innovation and undermining AUKUS.